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Don’t be too hurry in love, find A companion who can guide you not only in…


Real Life Muslim Girl

Dīn (دين, also anglicized as Deen) is a word in Arabic roughly meaning "creed" or "religion" or "spiritual inclination" that features heavily in Islam. It is also used in Sikh, Baha'i and Arab Christian worship.

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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to go walking with ‘Ā’ishah RA at night while talking with each other.”

invitetoislam: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to go...


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Love and Jannah...if it gets hard and tough remember that this life of yours will one day go away and whatever wrong it draws you to is not going to last; therefore, not worth it.

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Marriage in Islam

Power of Charm | Feminine Charm, Islam and Sex

Halal love start's after Nikah

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Beautiful Muslim Couple

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Islam love

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