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Concrete Pipe Making Machine by AHCT

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Apollo HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd ( AHCT) is a joint venture between Apollo Inffratech Pvt. Ltd & HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Worldwide - USA to provide world-class concrete pipe making machine, lined pipe, jacking pipe, box culverts, manholes system producing machine, cage making machines, mould equipments and pipe unloaders machine in India.

Cater Pipe Unloader Machine that is the fast and dependable way to unload concrete pipe. Its smooth hydraulic action virtually eliminates pipe breakage. To know about more, visit at

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VIHY Multicast 360 -

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PipePlus 200 Features & Benefits - 1. 3-Station Turntable Principle 2. Exact length products 3. Header System 4. Synchronized Core Vibration (SCV) 5. Multiforms 6. Quick Mold Changeovers 7. Semi-Automatic Operation w/ optional Smartchute 8. Optional Cast-in-place manhole steps 9. Optional lifting anchor automation

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Features & Benefits of CAP-250 Machine 1) VIHY Core Vibration 2) VIHY Table Vibration 3) Semi-Automatic Operation with laser-level fill control 4) Quick-Mold Change System 5) Optional Header System 6) 1 or 2 Station Arrangement 7) Turnover System for Slabs and Bases 8) Optimal for Lined Pipe 9) Adjustable Box Culvert Molds 10) Automatic filling of box culverts 11) Optional Double Set of Outer Molds for Increased Production

Supply wide range of PipePlus 96 combines versatility, wide production range, high output and simplicity into one outstanding package. To view more, visit at

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The PipePlusPlus is designed to meet the productivity, versatility and flexibility needs of the middle-market pipe and manhole producer, as evidenced by its position as the #1-selling pipe machine in North America. When equipped with Multiform modules, the PipePlusPlus is capable of the mass production of concrete pipe, more than 450/shift. To view more, visit at