Paragliding in India

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport activity done in the mid air. These sportier called the paragliders.
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Do you want to fly like a bird? – Try Paragliding in India >> It is an #adventuresports, in which the participant sits in a harness which is connected with wing shaped fabric through suspension lines for support. A true flying experience where one feels like they are actually flying like a bird!#365hops, #paragliding

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Preparing the Gliders for Enjoying Safe Paragliding in India or Elsewhere >> #Paragliding is a thrilling #adventuresport that gives the gliders a feeling similar to flying like a bird. When it comes to #paraglidinginIndia, there are several famous spots that make a perfect destination for enjoying this outdoor activity in a satisfactory manner. #365hops

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Safety Rules for Paragliding in India >> Safety is one of the greatest issue when one undertakes #paraglidinginIndia. When one starts with the adventure of paragliding, one aspect which triggers the mind is to find a reliable and efficient instructor who can effectively assist you in your desire to taste the charm of #paragliding. #365Hops

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Learning Some Lesser Known Facts before Planning a Trip to Different Paragliding Places in India >> #paragliding #India, #billing, #paraglidinginIndia #Sikkim

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Paragliding in Bir Billing Camp >>> Most of the operators provide the #paragliding services in Bir Billing round the year after taking into consideration the conditions of weather, however the months from September to November are considered as the best months for enjoying the fun of aero sports in #BirBilling.

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Bir Billing, A Land Where Human’s Fly >>> It is Bir, an adventure hub in #Himachal Pradesh of India. Bir, undoubtedly goes synonyms with #Paragliding. Though it is a popular spot for Paragliding, it has not got the much needed recognition it deserves. The fact that the #ParaglidingWorldCup was held in 2015 in #Bir village went down without much buzz.

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Solang Valley In Manali Is Going To Hold It’s First-Ever Paragliding Competition >>> One can witness the first ever paragliding competition in Solang valley near #Manali, #Himachal Pradesh. This will occur on the 1st November and the main purpose of this competition is to promote tourism. When NGT ordered to ban all commercial activities in Solang, #paragliding remained completely shut for one year. Before the ban, #Solang would attract a large number of tourists.

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heart 1 >>> Safety Aspects to Consider While Enjoying the Adventure of Paragliding in India #Paragliding, #adventureactivity, #BirBilling, #India, #365hops

Best Paragliding Locations in India >>> Paragliding is a popular recreational as well as competitive adventure sport involving flying paragliders. The wing shape is kept intact by suspension lines. Even without using an engine a paragliders flight can last a couple of hours and cover about ten kilometers or more. >> #Paragliding #India, #AdventureSports, #Paragliders, #Himachal, #Mumbai, #Manali, #Bhimtal, #Nainital, #Darjeeling, #Jammu

Experience Flying Lessons with Paragliding!! Paragliding flight provides you some silent moments under the superb guidance of a professionally trained instructor who is responsible for taking concern of every technical aspect with your safety. You only have to obey the instruction and expel every negative thought out of your mind while enjoying the beauty of the landscape. #365Hops #ParaglidinginIndia

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