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Free Printable Tree Play Dough Counting Mats 1-10

Free Dough Mats for Counting to 10. Create flowers, apples, pears, peaches, cherries or whatever kind of tree you want while building fine-motor skills, number recognition and one-to-one correspondence.


Life Over C's: Free Dough Mats for Counting to 10


Hidden Numbers

Play ‘Hidden Numbers’ to help children recognise numbers - this game will get your child to associate shapes with numbers for easy identification. Cut a small hole in an envelope, put a number in it so that only part of it shows, & the child has to guess what the number is. Does it have a lot of lines? Maybe it's a 1 or a 7. Does it have circles or loops? It could be 3, 5, or 8. (Could also be adapted to support shape recognition) (“,)


Hidden Numbers | Activity |

Estimation jar. She changes contents to fit a theme, various sizes and shapes. Kids estimate, then count - a quick, easy, theme-related way to work on number sense.

Crunchy and Green: Estimation Jars and Brain Breaks

Continuous provision enhancements in EYFS on our funky fingers/finger gym fine motor control area. We are using loom bands to explore 2D shapes.

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Sight Word Games: Looking for a fun way to practice sight words? Write a different sight word on each foam square. Then, put them all in a bag. Pair up the students and have them take turns picking a foam square out of the bag. If they can read the sight word that's on the square they get to keep it and add it to their stack. With each word they get their stack grows. If their stack of foam squares topples over they have to put them back in the bag (the stacks usually don't fall over until…

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