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Tardis and Dr. Who Libraries

Darlene Berry. Marshfield, WI. The TARDIS is Dr. Who's time traveling machine that's a lot bigger on the inside. The books inside this LFLibrary are too. Through reading we have unlimited possibilities to live vicariously in Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

Jenny Poore. Lynchburg, VA. This TARDIS Little Free Library is located in Lynchburg's historic Tinbridge Hill neighborhood at WordWorks! a creative writing lab that provides writing enrichment and remediation for kids in grades K-12!

Jen Look and Christopher Marney. Macon, GA. This library was built to the same scale as the prop on the Doctor Who, based on dimensions available at It has 18 shelves of books so we’re calling this a Not-So-Little Library.

Ava Bur. Minneapolis, MN. When I had to do a community service project for my class, I immediately thought of creating a Little Free Library. Since I had just become a Doctor Who fan, I decided to make the Little Free Library look like a TARDIS (time and relative dimension in space ;-D)

Charity Stukenborg. San Gabriel, CA. We are excited to be the stewards for Little Free Library #7374, which first opened its doors in summer of 2013. We were nervous and completely unsure how it would be received…but lo and behold, it was a smashing success! So many of you visited, read and shared your love of books with us! We met so many wonderful neighbors and the traffic keeps growing! Therefore, due to the wonderful response, we decided to expand.

Rebecca Pawloski. Grand Rapids, MI. Our library is a replica of the TARDIS -- aka, The Doctor's spaceship. Every book is like the TARDIS -- bigger on the inside, full of wonder and imagination and able to transport one to other times and worlds. It was hand-made with love by my husband, Bobby, and our daughter is the excited little girl showing it off in the photo. We love the mission of Little Free Library and hope many people use it and love as much as we do!

Debi Luey. Kennewick, WA. Our family is known for having our noses in books and we really want people to not lose the fun that comes with actually turning the pages! Children need the escape from video games to develop actual interests and knowledge. Reading is for everyone, young and old. Pick up a book! Pass it on!

Alexandria Pruett. Nashville, TN. We are a Whovian family and wanted to combine our love of books with Dr. Who. We hope that our neighbors and friends can find something interesting each time they visit.

Jennifer Patt. New Port Richey, FL. I designed this library to look like the blue police box (the TARDIS) from my favorite show, Doctor Who. The Doctor travels on great adventures through time and space; books are powered by imagination and can take you on limitless journeys to exciting words of adventure, so the themes seemed to go hand in hand! It is also a combination Geocache for added fun!

Teresa Giardina. Philadelphia, PA. The Outreach Committee at the Philly Free School was asked to make a Little Free Library to put in front of the school. A parent (with help from their student) built this TARDIS Little Free Library because books are bigger on the inside and can help you travel through space and time.

Bonnie Suderman. Bakersfield, CA.

Rachel Frank. Chico, CA. We love the The Little Free Library because it is a beautiful community building program that encourages sharing books. My mom and I used to watch Doctor Who together, so my husband decided to build a TARDIS box in her memory. We have been thrilled with the response, the box is used almost every day!

Katie Thomas. Austin, TX. Bigger on the inside, this is the Little Free Library of the University of Texas at Austin's School of Information. It is a gift from the Fall 2013 "Information in a Social and Cultural Context" class (6-9 on Thursdays, Baby!). We hope you enjoy!

Anne Blaeske. Lisle, IL. I read a story in our local paper about the Little Free Library... and I knew we needed one... and I knew it had to be the TARDIS. So my husband built me a beautiful library for my birthday.

Jeff Gunn. Northfield, MN. The design was chosen by our 12 year old daughter. We knew we wanted a Little Free Library but couldn't come up with a plan. One night watching Doctor Who our daughter said, "That's it. That's what our library should look like."

  • Christie Balster

    where is this? we are in Northfield and my 12 & 11 year old want to see this!

Cakeapotamus, LLC. Opelika, AL. Our TARDIS LFL was designed and built by our friend, Chris Henry. It sits in our shop, Cakeapotamus, a custom, small-batch bakery in Opelika, AL.

Rachael Kaiser. La Crosse, WI. My kids live Dr Who so I had to build a tardis little free library. it looks great in our reading garden with the way sign full of our favorite places from the books we've read (Narnia, the Shire, Hogwarts)!

Jacob Nanfito. Everett, WA. Little Free Library - "In An Exciting Adventure" A TARDIS shaped, Doctor Who themed Library. Our goal is to share some exciting adventures in time and space (and have some fun) via the magic of reading.