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25 creative ways to get asked to prom or homecoming<<< this should be how Niall is asked lol>>>> I would definitely say yes if someone asked me like this:)

This Is How Teens Are Asking Each Other To Prom Nowadays - A living, breathing puppy named PROM?

Ivory / Cream / Champagne Lace Sequin Rhinestone Chiffon Gown , Wedding Reception Formal Prom Evening Maxi Dress

Remember the cootie catchers from grade school? What a cute way to ask a date to prom!

Such a cute country way to ask someone to prom. Individual signs for under the hood of 4 trucks.

Fun, easy, and a very simple way to ask someone to prom! "I do-nut want to go to prom with anyone but you!"

This is too cute. I would definitely say yes if someone asked me like this!

Prom invite. Hockey related. Cute creative way to ask out prom date. My son came up with it all by himself! Impressed!

cute ways to ask a guy to prom tumblr - Google Search

This is a different way of asking... Guys if you are gonna ask this way write a little neater lol

If was lucky enough to be asked to prom, this would my perfect ask!

24 Creative Ways To Ask Someone To Prom - BuzzFeed Mobile @Susannah Zblewski THIS IS IT

This is the best way to be asked to #prom #promposals

Easy Promposal Ideas: 15 Simple And Romantic Ways To Ask Your Date To Prom (PHOTOS)

Easter egg hunt for asking someone to prom :) cute cute cute idea!

In our neighbors yard this morning. What a creative way to ask someone to homecoming!! (or prom, etc.)

Great idea for a girl asks boy to the dance! "Help me fill this frame at Formal/Prom/Homecoming".

Cute ways to ask someone to prom. But I think these over the top ways of asking people to prom/dances/dates etc...should be saved for something major like a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL.

Cute ways to ask someone to prom, to get engaged, to a date, to become boyfriend or girlfriend or can be used to ask or confess anything. Great way to 'Come Out'. Make a 'Guzzle' - Gay Puzzle. DIY. Gift. #undonestar

Oh goshh i would love someone to ask me to prom like this

Will you o'fish'aly go to Prom with me? #cute ways to get asked to prom

A great way to ask your basketball boyfriend to your prom or just a guy on the basketball team that you like! #prom #promposals

Way to ask date to Prom! This is how my basketball player asked his date!

See How Kids These Days Are Asking Dates to Prom