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Prom Asking

best way to ask someone to prom! Or out so cute cause I love reading the snapple facts :)

Cute way to ask a girl to prom! or have her date hidden with even more balloons

15 more creative ways to get asked to prom!

cute homecoming asks | Creative Promposal Ideas | Prom Dresses Blog | Homecoming Dress News

asking a girl to homecoming ideas | ways to ask a girl to prom

*Rp* So this is how Taylor asked me to prom! And I said Yes! I'm so excited!

Would seriously die if a guy came up with a cute creative idea like this to ask me to prom (sigh)

Cute way to ask someone to prom :)

That's hilarious! 10 commandments Prom asking idea

48 Sherri Hill Prom Dresses 2013 if only I gor asked to prom ...

Take me to prom? Or I'll take these back! Lol great way to ask a girl to prom for all you shoe lovers!

How I helped ask my best friend to prom(:

Awwwww | That's sweet. I, however, asked my date (aka my best--and platonic--guy friend) to prom like this: Me: Hey! Wanna go to prom? Him: No. Me: Great, I'll pick you up at 5!

Clever way to ask someone to prom.

How I got asked to prom! With a bomb!

creative ways to ask a guy to sadies | cute way to ask someone to Sadie's, homecoming, or even prom.

Get creative with some balloons this prom! A good way to surprise ( & win the heart of..) your future date. Plus, if you're nervous about asking, this doesn't even require your presence! ..Just show up afterwards! #promposal #adorable

This is actually the second way I want want to get asked to prom. The first is to get passed a basketball that says "prom" on it(: haha

one of my really good friends asked a girl to go to prom with him through a science test. cutest thing i've EVER seen.

cute way to ask someone to prom