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Sexy Cheryl Cole in pantyhose

Tight Gray Pencil Skirt Black Top Sheer Black Pantyhose and Black High Heels

Ariana Grande wearing Shorts in Pantyhose

Leather jacket, beanie, printed tee, black short shorts, black pantyhose!!! Rockin' it with red ombre hair!

Vogue Mexico (September 2011) Sheer black pantyhose.

tumblr_mbeujlodii1r1mbgqo1_500.jpg 482×750 pixels

Fashin for fall: Amazing Sweater Blouse Dark Black Skirt With Black Pantyhose ,Brown Leather Shoes Whith Leather Handbag

This is how i wanna dress... My style is 90s hipster and grunge with a little hip hop then 80s grunge rock...

1967-probably the style icon of the 60s was Twiggy and I absolutely loved her hair and the colored pantyhose!

.the angle of this shot helped to make nice long legs! Something to remember when out on a photo shoot.

I like the following photo's because of what they are wearing, pantyhose, tights, socks, shoes, outfits, dresses or skirts or the woman is cute. They are in no sort of order except that I like them dressed!! A woman that is dressed nice is a bigger turn on than a woman naked. Yes I have pantyhose/tights and high heel fetish.

fur and miniskirt, winter, plaid, red and blue, thigh high cobalt boots, black pantyhose, sheer stockings, baby blue, white, white fur, sleek ponytail, model style, 90s, double breasted jacket, coat, sweater, layered, tee, heels repin

High waist pencil skirt look - I would so wear this!

Basics, created by officepretty on Polyvore 1. Black pumps 2. Black pencil skirt 3. Trench coat 4. Black or navy blazer 5. Fitted black slacks 6. White oxford button down 7. Grey pencil or a-line skirt 8. Large purse 9. Bright cardigan sweater 10. Multi-strand necklace 11. Silk blouse 12. Skinny belt 13. Basic work dress 14. Patterned tights or pantyhose 15. Shirt dress

Vintage Grunge Dress Size Small Faux Pearl by littleraisinvintage, $18.00 Ha! I used to have an outfit just like this!!!!

Woven pantyhose dress. Susan Lenz. Art In Stitches: Runaway Runway 2013