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Corner Pergola

Idea for deck in corner or backyard - will do this just as soon as my ship comes in!!!

Patio Pergola No. 22 This pergola incorporates an interesting trellis design for its corner posts. Built for a Dutchman's pipe vine, copper tubing accents the pergola.

Why do pergolas have to be so expensive to buy as a kit? If I ever plan to build one I'll have to do it from scratch. Boo, that's not my expertise.

Pergola with Angled Design. When you build a pergola, consider positioning it at an angle for added interest. Although it occupies a flagstone patio with a square outline, this pergola was deliberately designed as a corner structure. The clipped front corner creates a wide diagonal entry that offers access to both the adjacent house and a terraced landscape nearby.

Deck idea for yard. I'd build it out of non-flammable materials and put our firepit on it.

Quiet Corner Under the protection of a pergola, the Langes added a second small pond and waterfall. Its central location near several garden rooms means they can enjoy the sound of the waterfall from more than one seating area.

Or even this small corner pergola with a stationary bench in the back left corner of the yard would be good

Pergola hammock. Seriously, I want this- including the hammock cover! Back corner of my yard.

corner pergola - use a square grid instead of diamond for cleaner design and extent it another panel on each side.

San Clemente house rental - Relaxing lounge area in one corner of backyard with pergola and patio heater

daybed in the garden I could actually make a side spot by just hanging some pretty sheets from the rafters of the pergola in a corner

Like the idea of a corner/triangle pergola

Pink 'Eden' roses climb an iron pergola that frames a knot garden of low variegated-boxwood (Buxus micro) hedges, with sword-shaped iris foliage surrounding a central urn, and a lone curry plant (Helichrysum angustifolium) at each corner. | Photo: Mark Lohman |

Small Pergola "A pergola needn't be large or ornate to function as a design element. Relatively small in scale, this structure adds class to a corner of the deck."

Make a Destination The highlight of this small landscape is a pergola draped with wisteria. Placing the pergola in the back corner of the yard gives you -- and your eye -- a destination, which helps make it feel more spacious. From Better Homes and Gardens.

Create Privacy in Your Yard: Get tips for making your yard a private paradise from two hardcore gardeners who turned their corner landscape into a secluded retreat.

Love the corner Pergola.

Raised curved decking incorporating corner pergola.

Love this corner Pergola!! I have a great corner I can put this in. This person's fence looks a lot better than mine though :-]

Small Pergola A pergola needn't be large or ornate to function as a design element. Relatively small in scale, this structure adds class to a corner of the deck.

square corners can be nice too...maybe this is pretty because its so much taller than it is wide?

I wonder if I could grow wisteria on the arbor... If I succeeded my hammock would probably be infested with bees...

This is our corner pergola we built to make a solid and permanent patio swing out out of. We had lots of trouble with porch wings blowing off the patio so we made a permanent fix! :)