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The Letter Box: cut out letters from food boxes before recycling them. WORD WORK

Learning is Something to Treasure: How I Teach Phonics + GIVEAWAY/FREEBIE!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Never found a website as helpful as this one for phonemic awareness activities!

This Christmas Mega Pack is cute colorful and includes:26- Capital letter Cards26- Lowercase Letters Cards42- Phonemic Awareness Sound Cards 5...

This product includes: 4 days of read aloud ideas and model and practice activities. Balanced Literacy Activities: Phonemic Awareness: Beginning Sounds, syllables, segmenting and blending Phonics: Labeling Christmas graphics, letter activities, and chunks (at, et, it, ot, ut) Writing: Santa Letters, Santa is...(character trait from read aloud), Christmas Wishes Sight Word Reader: I like Snow

First Last!: Dasher's Reindeer Sort

Use Duct Tape on the floor to practice segmenting of sounds and syllables

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This caveman unit is SO cute for learning the schwa sound!

Pumpkin Short Vowel Word Sort Activity- FREE!

Vowel Teams

CVC Word Farm Friends UNO

Center Ideas, Reading, Puzzles Pack, Free Puzzles, Languages Art, Puzzle Pieces, Puzzles Piece, Kindergarten Center, Literacy Intervention

making CVC words

Collect Acorns! Another articulation game: Targets: /s/ blends, /th/ voiced and voiceless, /r/, /sh/, /l/, /ch/ single syllable to multi syllables initial-medial-final positions

Great for blending practice

Long i word sort - Phonics

remember the H digraphs: wh, sh, ch, and th.

Students are 'texting' their sight words on iPhones, 'typing' words onto iPads, and arranging their iPod playlists in alphabetical order.

Beginning letter practice

Many beginning Letter Sound Games